« Global Challenge against waste » is an association dedicated to the protection of the world’s fauna and flora, while providing a service to people in need.

The aim of our association is to reduce the rate of rubbish on beaches so that it won’t go into the sea and cause anymore damage to fauna and flora.

We want to give volunteers in need, vouchers or aid (food, cares ,clothes) in exchange to their services.

In the long term, we would like to have a responsible person of trust in each country or island supported by the association « global challenge against waste ».

I had the opportunity to sail on the Marion Dufresne which supplied the scattered French islands in the Mozambique Channel. I have seen waste as far as the eye can see, which, depending on the currents, runs aground elsewhere, such as on the glorious island where the French soldiers collect 1500 kg of waste every day.

This waste does not only come from Mayotte but from many other places. We all know the consequences that this can have on fauna and flora. This is why we have decided to create an association to do our best, with your help. We would like to propose to the inhabitants to clean up part of their village and the beach. We will suggest to each municipality, and after having seen the elected representatives and obtained their agreement, to ask the inhabitants, in need or not, to come and help us in exchange for vouchers from our future food partners (small and large stores) or food aid for the municipalities staying far away from the big shops.